More than just a mess

Having to watch where you step is one thing. But there is a far more important reason to pick up after your dog. Dog waste poses a serious health risk through the transmission of several common parasites. It’s one of the most common sources of coccidia, giardia, hookworms, parvo virus, roundworms (ascarids), and whipworms.

Some people may leave waste on the ground thinking it will break down quickly, and is therefore better for the environment. The truth is, it takes about one year for dog waste to fully disintegrate, and parasites can remain in the soil for years after that. Any human or animal who comes in contact with the soil also comes in contact with the infected eggs. Parasitic infections can make humans extremely sick – and children are particularly vulnerable.

Dog waste also affects the water we drink. Studies done in recent years put dogs third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters.

In addition, dog waste can attract mosquitoes, which are carriers of infections that could cause heartworm in dogs and SARS in humans.

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