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Who is CWDOG?
CWDOG is the Centre Wellington Dog Owners Group – a small group of dog owners, all volunteers, who love dogs and want to support other dog owners in our community. You probably know us best as the volunteer group that helps to keep the Fergus Dog Park clean, safe and fun for park users.

Why can’t something be done about aggression at the dog park?
There are currently no rules concerning dog aggression specific to the Dog Park. Under the Township’s Dog Control By-law, only the Animal Control officer can designate a dog “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous.” Please note that CWDOG has no authority to institute or enforce park rules, nor ban or restrict dogs or dog owners from the park. We will not intervene in disputes between dog owners.

Rough play and the occasional act of aggression are just a fact of life at a dog park. You never know what dogs you might meet, or how the dogs are going to react to one another. Things can take a bad turn unexpectedly, even with a normally well-behaved dog and a responsible dog owner. But it’s a risk most of us are willing to take.

What should I do if I my dog is attacked by another dog?
Whether an incident occurs at the dog park or elsewhere in the community, the laws, and the process for enforcing them, are the same. In the ideal scenario, the two dog owners will work it out between them. Speak up and let the dog owner know how you feel about their dog’s behaviour. If your dog is injured, you have the right to expect that the owner of the aggressive dog will pay the vet bill.

If necessary, you can pursue legal action under the Province’s Dog Owner’s Liability Act. If you believe that the dog is dangerous, call local Animal Control to intervene.

What is the role of Animal Control?
The Animal Control officer enforces Centre Wellington’s Dog Control By-law. Among other things, they have the authority to designate a dog a “potentially dangerous dog,” which introduces several restrictions for the dog owner. Animal Control also steps in when there is a stray or injured animal of any kind in the community, and is on call 24/7. Anyone can call Animal Control directly for assistance.

Animal Control services are provided by:
Guelph Humane Society

Who is responsible for taking care of the park?
The Fergus Dog Park is maintained by the Township of Centre Wellington as well as CWDOG. Click here for more information about the Dog Park Management Agreement.

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